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A collection of literary works in Lots of Languages

What’s a Polyglit??

That’s me being clever by abbreviating the phrase “Polyglot Literature”.

Actually, it’s not an abbreviation. It’s not even a contraction.
It’s a portmanteau.

This site contains a summary of various works of literature that I’ve acquired over the years, in languages other than my native one (which is English).

My strategy is to try to acquire material only in languages:

… that I’m studying (or have studied), or
… spoken in a region I’ve traveled to, or
… which are somehow important or interesting to me (which probably means I want to study it, or go somewhere it’s spoken; I just haven’t gotten around to that yet).

In other words, I generally don’t just snap up any translation I come across - I’d rather get to the translation after getting to the language itself.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is one of the most widely translated books around, so it only makes sense to collect those, since I’m interested in actually being able to amass a reasonably-sized collection without devoting enormous effort (or money!) to it.

Granted, this is not a particularly original endeavor - LOTS of folks collect this one. A couple remarkable ones:

A couple other likely targets

If I’m in a store trying to find a book in language X, and can’t find The Little Prince, I’ll generally go for The Hobbit, or Alice in Wonderland (yes, I know that the actual title is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Nope, try again

Failing the above, I cast about for whatever I can find: Translations into local languages or local literature. I like to find children’s books because it’s easier to learn from them as a beginner. And of course, language learning materials. Here are the foreign-language books I’ve acquired.

Non-dead-tree options

I also “have” some electronic-only material:

Translations are boring

The astute among you have noticed that all the above are translations.
So, here are some books I’ve acquired over the years in their original language: